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Difference Between Laravel vs CakePHP Frameworks?

What includes Cakephp ?

  • Open source web frame network
  • Follows MVC approach
  • Written in php
  • Uses software engineering concepts
  • Implements software design patterns
  • Such as convention over configuration
  • Model–view–controller
  • Active record
  • Association data mapping
  • Front controller

What includes Laravel ?

  • Free
  • Open-source PHP web framework
  • Most popular PHP framework
  • Implements Modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager
  • Different ways for accessing relational databases
  • Orientation is towards, syntactic sugar

Features of Cakephp

  • Secure framework
  • Helps in authenticating users
  • Easy to learn framework
  • Helps in simplifying development of applications
  • Useful for large sites and applications as it is an MVC driven framework
  • The site location and configuration are all done by the framework automatically. One only has to connect the database only
  • Key advantages of CakePHP is that it provides ready to use templates
  • Process of web application development becomes faster due to templates
  • Custom testing features are provided which makes the testing task quick for developers

Features of Laravel

  • Laravel framework is fast and easy to setup and customize
  • Helps with enforcing constraints between multiple database objects by implementing an advanced query builder mechanism
  • Framework includes an auto-loading facility and does not need manual maintenance and inclusion paths
  • Provides generating new tools with the help of an LOC container
  • Provides an easy version control system that helps with simplified management of migrations

Comparison between Laravel & Cakephp

  • CakePHP is more famous with blog sites
  • Laravel is preferred for bigger projects and also for projects
  • CakePHP comes with robust plugins, using which, the code can be reused very easily, and the app folder can be kept clean.
  • Class inheritances of CakePHP are highly understandable in comparison to the laravel
  • Laravel is the best framework and has an edge over other frameworks because it is very configurable, includes inbuilt fast and extendable blade template engine
  • CakePHP is chosen as the framework, the primary one is it’s flexible and has strong reverse routing.
  • To elaborate on that, developers are entitled to adjust the URL structure at one place rather than searching for each calling of the change.
  • Laravel is very easy to use
  • Pagination in Laravel is very easier, because it generates clever “range” of links

CakePHP and Laravel are closely related to each other. But at some aspects the similarity between them gets elongated on basis of their strategies followed. I totally recommend you to use Laravel!


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